Shopper bag


I made this kind of bags for friends and relatives. Still feeling the lack of confidence to present it commercially. ;-P

This shopper bags uses imported canvas for the outer and local plain canvas for the inner. So, two canvases greatly combined into a solid and strong bags to carry all your valuable things. Yet it’s still beautiful and light weighted.

The handle are either full cotton webbing or premium syntetic leather. Well, i am intended to use genuine leather straps, but still haven’t found the right supplier. I guess i am too picky and trying my best only to use high quality materials.

And… i haven’t attached my label. Gonna do it later. 😀

Uh, once more… follow my instagram @miko.santoso for more updates on my handmade bags and other stuff. If maybe… you like it, you can order it from there. 😀


Happy sewing…


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