Thread Organizer

This is a quite simple way of making a thread organizer.
All you need is a cheap chopping board, mine is 17k rupiahs (about one dollar), a chop stick, some wood glue, and an acrilic paint or watercolour paint.

First, make a mark on which you’re gonna drill. I made 3 cm wide between each hole, and the result is the thread stands too close to each other. So, try to make it 4 cm instead. 🙂

Drill it all up. I used 6 mm drill bit and it fit the chop stick perfectly. After finish making a holes, sand it over. All part should be clean and dry before applying the paint.

And last, cut the chopstick into your suitable measurement, i got my chopstick cut into 4cm long and I guess it’s just too short.
Give some wood glue, then put it all in the hole.

And there you are… Cheap but fancy Thread Organizer.


Go give it a try… 🙂



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