I like to create a thing. When i was a child i had so many wishes for toys. But my father couldn’t gave me any, so i made up my mind and try to make my own toys. I think that was the moment i started to be creative. I made sooooo many things. From a small car made out of pomelo’s skin to one fancy night lamp. From a beautiful fish-shaped kite to one fit cloth for myself (Oh yeah, i can sew, pretty well though… :D) And now, i have money of my own, i can buy things. But still, i cant help the urge to make a things like i used to. I like to draw and paint, i like paper cutting, i like decorating, i like being creative… Lol. So here are some of my work… Not that great, but i’m sooooo glad about it. Oh, and you can follow my instagram @mikhosantoso. I share my drawing, coffee painting, and so many other creative ideas there.


Dibuat dari kain flanel. Made from flanels.


Dibuat dari kertas bekas. Made from used papers.


Spongebob yang dibuat dari spon cuci piring. ;-P Spongebob made from real sponge for washing the dishes. 😛


Bingkai foto yang dibuat dari majalah bekas. Photo frame made from old magazines.

grass ball

Hanya perlu rumput dari plastik, sumpit, dan stryrofoam. Only needs some plastic grass, chopstick, and styrofoam.


Semua bingkai dibuat dari kertas. All frames are made from papers.

lampu (2)

Pita merah, kawat, gelas lama, pipa kecil… jadilah lampu tidur ini. 🙂 Red ribbon, some wire, old mug, tiny pipe… and turns out to be this night lamp. 🙂

wall art

Foto dan styrofoam. Bukan sekedar wall art, tapi visualisasi sebuah mimpi. Photos and styrofoam. Not just a wall art, but visualization of a dream.


Dibuat dari mouse komputer yang rusak. Asal lampunya masih nyala, bisa di oprek jadi lampu darurat kalau lampu mati. Tinggal di colok ke laptop, memanfaatkan baterai laptop. Bisa bertahan hingga seharian lebih lho… Made from broken computer’s mouse. As long as the led is still working, it can be cracked into this emergency lamp. Pretty useful in the black out. Just plug it onto laptop, it’ll use the energy from laptop’s battery. Energy save, can hold for more than one day… 🙂

japan house

Dibuat dari kertas, sumpit, stik eskrim, rumput plastik, dll… 🙂 Made from papers, chopstick, popsickel’s stick, radom plastic grass, and so on… 🙂


Dibuat dari karton. Made entirely from carton.


Dibuat dari stryrofoam, karton, plastik, dll. Ada instalasi lampu led yang lucu. Dan banyak detail interior yang saya buat dari kertas, cold porcelain, dll. Made from styrofoam, carton, plastic, and so on. There’s some LED installation which is cuteee. And so many other interior details i made of cold porcelain, papers, and other things.

tower And last but not least… my biggest accomplishment until today, one large creativity in a light and compact size, my very first book… #KOPISS.


Made entirely from dream, crafted with passion, served with love. Ayo segera dapatkan di toko buku terdekat. 🙂


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