Debut Novel

One of the greatest moment in my life was the second i finished my first book. I was suddenly lay my head down upon a naked floor to do prostration of gratitude. To God, i couldn’t say a thing other than many-many-many thanks for everyting. It’s true, back then i was speechless. >___<

Some people say that it’s not that hard to write a novel. But it doesnt work that way for me. I found that writing novel was stressful, sometimes drove me crazy. High expectation, too perfectionist, lack of confidence, and the most burdening thing; proof to myself that i’m a writer. Yeah, it was all happen to me. Those the things that made me oftenly lock my self from outside world. T___T

And after many times of plot changing, character changing, and other changing, at exactly Feb 21 i finished my debut on writing. I really believe that nothing can make a writer  feel much relieves after a years of research, months of writings, days of backbone ache (actually happened to me, lol) other than put the word “FINISH” at the bottom of the very last paragraph.

My novel is finished!!! Yeahhhhh… *whippin’ tail, jumpin’ around*


12 thoughts on “Debut Novel

  1. miftah says:

    @isna: Ini lama2 jadi kayak roomchat. Bisa bikin pengunjung lainnya pada sungkan mau komen nih.. (emang ada?!)

    Hmm, untuk masalah rejeki, otak kanan, dll, aku angkat tangan dah. Aku sih slm ini cmn merasa beruntung aja. Alhamdulillaah masih bs hidup sampe skrg… 😀

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