Me, morning, and coffee

I woke up this morning like usual. Washed my face, turn on my coffee machine, burn some breads, and then watch some news on television. There’s no rush, no quick this and that, no appointment to catch, no absent machine waiting, no nothing.
Well, i do have some task to do, some works, but know what? I can do it later or laaater… Yeah, i got the most relaxing and flexible time of my life.

My friend once said that i have a high lifestyle, well she was pointing to a typical of a person which always having their best coffee and living in a luxurious apartment. Well, the fact is i dont have any kind of apartment at all. But yeah, i have a nice place like one. 🙂

The life i have now seems like heaven. I mean, who wouldn’t have this flexible time? doing anything as you pleased, no other poople yelling at you, no demanding coworker, and other great thing.

But what is it for me?
*Hufh, sigh…*
I feel kinda lost, i mean i have this privileges but yeah i just let it fly away. Huhhuhuhu.. T____T
And… from this day on, i will change it. I’ll have my dream come true. Huwahahahahaha… *buto ijo laugh*

And… now, get back to work again. Yuuukkk…
*Eh, lupa belum mandi… ah sudah lah, ntar aja… 😀 😀 😀


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